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Nathan grew up in Atlanta Georgia but currently lives in Salt Lake City Utah. At 19 years old, Nathan went on a church mission for 2 years in Portland Oregon where he strived to serve others.

After his mission, he went to college at BYUI where he discovered his love for entrepreneurship. In college, Nathan started doing door-to-door sales and soon became one of the top salesmen in the company. He ran multiple sales teams over the years and generated thousands of accounts for the company.

In his senior year of college, Nathan followed one of his dreams and opened a music venue and cereal bar called Skizzy's in town. It was a dream of Nathan’s to create a place where people could come to hang out and eat a bowl of cereal.

After graduating from college, Nathan worked in door-to-door sales until he decided to get into real estate. With no prior experience in real estate, Nathan decided to learn by taking massive imperfect action and by failing his way forward. 5 years now, he is the co-owner of Offer On Homes, his real estate investing company, and Investor Thrive, a coaching company dedicated to helping wholesalers and real estate investors acquire more real estate the painless way!

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